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Our Team

Founded in 2011 by Divya Seshamani and Jon Moulton, the Greensphere team is brought together by a love of problem-solving using technology and investing in and growing sustainable companies.

Greensphere’s teams are supported by an experienced Investment Committee comprising leading names from the realms of public and private equity investing. With similarly strong ESG credentials and exceptional business networks, the Investment Committee provides additional strategic oversight whilst enhancing Greensphere’s ability to access attractive investment opportunities.

Our Approach

Our Track Record
Greensphere’s investment track record has been created over a decade because of (and not in spite of) our core values of putting planet and people on the same footing as profit. Evidence shows us that climate change and biodiversity loss are true systemic economic risks – and we therefore believe there is a superior return to be made addressing these risks. Greensphere has true team diversity, not just within our investment team, but in ownership and control. We focus on equitable benefit of all stakeholders, from our investors, employees (both within Greensphere and in portfolio companies) to portfolio companies and the communities they serve.

Our Companies
Our investment strategies target assets, operating companies and technologies that help mitigate against and adapt to climate change and biodiversity loss. Our companies are proof that ethical, sustainable, performance-focused investments are achievable without compromising profit. Indeed, without profit the change desired will not be delivered sustainably and consistently at the pace and scale needed to save the planet and the people.

Our Metrics
For over a decade we have held ourselves to a higher account than any policy demands. As the first fund manager to the UK Green Investment Bank, and with senior Partners who are actively engaged in shaping global governance frameworks, we have sought to set the highest standards. Indeed, in some areas like biodiversity, we are actively investing to find ways the rest of the market can set and meet the gold standard. Finally, through our Gaia Sciences Innovation network of partners, we prioritise evidence-led, science-based approaches above all, working with our science partners to ensure the very best solutions and companies are scaled up for wider impact.



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  • Greensphere Capital LLP founded by Divya Seshamani and Jon Moulton

  • Greensphere wins GIB account against 24 other fund manager and makes first investment from its first fund - UKGSW&EI

  • Merger with TPG and first investment from TPG in Whites Recycling

  • Spin-out of Greensphere from TPG to pursue a buy-to-hold strategy in Engineered Climate Solutions

  • Final close of Greensphere's 3rd fund - GAIA - a buy-to-hold strategy investing in Engineered Climate Solutions

  • Announcement at COP26 of launch of Nature Based Solutions Investment strategies

  • Announcement of Joint Venture with RBG Kew Science

  • Announcement of Gaia Sciences Innovation