About us

Our Team

Founded in 2011 by Divya Seshamani and Jon Moulton, the Greensphere team is brought together
by a love of problem-solving using technology and investing in and growing sustainable

Greensphere’s teams are supported by an experienced Investment Committee comprising
leading names from the realms of public and private equity investing. With similarly strong
ESG credentials and exceptional business networks, the Investment Committee provides
additional strategic oversight whilst enhancing Greensphere’s ability to access attractive
investment opportunities.

Our Approach

Greensphere was started to show that sustainability and being “green” did not have to be buzzwords but could be based on hard-nosed investment principles. As an early mover in the sustainable investment space, we focused on the basics to deliver success:


The Maths

Investment returns matter – they matter to our investors, they matter to ensuring the market takes sustainable investing seriously and they matter to ensuring that the jobs and companies we create continue to operate successfully. How we generate those returns depends on a fairly basic focus on solving real risks. We weigh risk vs return on all our investments and focus on opportunities where there is fundamental mispricing due to the market’s inability to appropriately price the risk (or where we understand the risk better). Specifically, we focus on three systemic risks:


  • Input price volatility: fossil fuels and other commodity inputs have typically contributed to significant volatility in cash flow generation, in turn creating an increased cost of capital that has often been mispriced. 
  • Resource scarcity: Resource scarce supply chains affect the ability to deliver services and products to market. 
  • Climate stress: We’ve encountered some hardened climate sceptics in our time so we want to pre-empt your assumptions that we invest in green because it’s good. No – we only invest in the bits of green that actually mitigate against a changing environment. What your beliefs about why climate change is occurring does not change how the climate is changing and fortunately how the climate is changing is measurable. The reality is business operates today in an arena that is more environmentally volatile, with more extreme climate events, and subsequent economic loss. We’re mathematically moving from a financial environment where averages don’t apply, where the climate is stress testing operating and financial environments. That is what Greensphere solves for – if we (and we always do) reduce GHG emissions along the way, that’s a bonus, but it isn’t how we generate the returns. 



We were one of the first investment firms that collected comprehensive data to prove and measure the impact of our investments. From working with the Green Investment Bank over a decade ago to create a comprehensive environmental reporting framework to ensuring we were collecting metrics on job creation and retention, Greensphere has proven over the past decade that impact can be demonstrated in tangible metrics. We believe true change comes from investing to mitigate true risks – and that positive impact naturally flows from this.


Science, engineering and technology

The secret to how we understand the risk better, manage companies better, grow companies better is that we truly embrace the science, the engineering and the technology that mitigate the risks in our business. Comprised of enthusiastic chemists, biologists, engineers and data technologists, our team solves these mathematical and financial risks by deploying and scaling leading (but not bleeding) edge technology into our companies. 



Founded in



major risks our investments mitigate


core thematic investment criteria


investment and operating professionals


Years of collective investment experience


core investment sectors

  • Greensphere Capital LLP is incorporated.

  • Greensphere obtains FCA authorisation and regulatory clearance.

  • Greensphere wins GIB account against 24 other fund manager.

  • Investment into Duranta Energy’s anaerobic digestion platform is announced.

  • First Investment in Biomass Platform Announced

  • Merger with TPG.

  • Investment into Whites Recycling at TPG.

  • Spin out of Greensphere from TPG to pursue two new funds.

  • GAIA Fund closed (buy-to-hold strategy backed by long terms institutional investors)

  • Expansion of GAIA portfolio into forestry

  • Announcement at COP26 of launch of Nature Based Solutions investing

  • Announcement of Joint Venture with RBG Kew Sciences

  • First close of Gaia Sciences Innovation technology venture fund